Appetizers & Sharing

Avo-Prawn Bruschetta


Three prawns, three tomatoes, roasted garlic, shallots, avocado, pesto crostini, shaved Parmesan (Extra piece $4.50)

Mushroom Flatbread


Roasted garlic, arugula, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese (Add prosciutto $4)

Pulled Pork Taco's


2 corn tortilla, pulled pork, mole, Avo cashew crema,
Salsa Verde, pickled veg - Extra piece…. 4.50 GF

Hummus & Chorizo


Creamy hummus topped with a harissa spiced chorizo feta crumble served
with flatbread points

Kennebec Fries


House cut fries with curried aioli GF

Truffle Parm Fries


House cut fries with curried aioli GF

Falafel Fritters


House made spiced chickpea fritters served with minted cucumber yogurt GF

Baked Brie


Whole mini brie baked with a walnut streusel topped with red onion cranberry chutney served with house crostini

1lb Fresh Mussels


Choice of Tomato, white wine herb and garlic
OR Thai Green Coconut curry
served with crusty baguette GF option

Build Your Platter


Brie, Aged white cheddar, Smoked Gorgonzola, truffle Gouda, Vacharin St Alexis, Goat Cheese, Fig Salami, Cured Pork Coppa, Prosciutto, Chorizo Sausage , Mediterranean Olives, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Smoked Salmon.

Build Your Platter


House Pickled Vegetables, Fruit Chutney, Crusty Baguette or Crackers, Fruit & Celery, Candied Nuts, Roasted Garlic Hummus, Grilled Asparagus, Basket of baguette, Crackers and GF Crackers

Lighter Appetites


Greek Chickpea Salad

large $16/small $12

Spinach, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, red onion, peppers, cucumber, olives with
lemon oregano dressing and feta cheese GF

Roasted Beet & Orange Salad

large $16/small $12

Seasonal green, roasted beets, oranges, red onion, goat cheese, candied nuts,
and honey balsamic vinaigrette GF

House Salad

large $16/small $12

Seasonal greens topped red onion, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers,
carrot, celery, and pea shoots with balsamic dressing GF V

ADD Grilled Wild Salmon


ADD Grilled Chicken Breast


ADD Falafel Fritters


ADD Crispy Chili Tofu


ADD Garlic Buttered Prawns

Three $9 Five $13

Blu Saffron Burger


Grilled spice rubbed patty topped with roasted shallots, aged cheddar, smoked bacon, onion bhaji, brioche bun, curried aioli and salad garnish GF option (sub Beyond Burger Patty)

Beyond Burger


Grilled plant-based patty, brie, red onion chutney, avocado,
salad garnish, brioche bun GF V option

Pulled Pork Bun


House pulled pork, Mole BBQ sauce, avocado, cilantro, soft ciabatta bun, pickled slaw

Chicken & Bacon Club


Grilled spiced chicken, double smoked bacon and brie layered with spinach, roasted tomato and Chipotle aioli in a flatbread wrap GF option

Falafel Ciabatta Bun


House made falafels, hummus, avocado, pickled red onion, tomato, spinach, minted yogurt in a Soft ciabatta bun GF option
Choose between baby roast potatoes, fries or house salad Add Truffle Parmesan fries $1.50 Gluten free bun $1.50

Bigger Appetites

Large Plates

63 Acres AAA Flat Iron Steak


Herb grilled pink served over potato, cheddar, kale and mushroom hash with chimichurri sauce GF

Katsu Pork Rice Bowl


Panko breaded pork loin, seasoned sticky rice,
mild Katsu curry, house pickles and fried egg

BBQ Spiced Prawn Skewers


Six spice rubbed prawns char grilled, with mango BBQ sauce, Sticky rice, black bean
and roasted corn salsa, grilled zucchini GF

Rice Bowl


Furikake seasoned sticky rice, avocado, mixed seasonal veggies, crispy chili tofu,
pickles, wakame seaweed, lemon maple Tahini dressing

Chicken Pappardelle


Wide egg noodles tossed with chicken breast, spinach, roasted Roma tomatoes, roasted olives, roasted garlic in a white wine cream sauce with shaved Grana Padano

Chorizo & Penne Pasta


Penne pasta tossed with chorizo sausage, three prawns, red onion, zucchini, sweet peppers and kale in a smoked paprika, garlic cream sauce with aged cheddar

Wild Salmon Risotto


Herb crusted salmon served over a preserved lemon, three tomato and spinach
risotto finished with chive infused oil GF

Daily entree features


Choose one of our featured entrees for example- Pasta of the day, fresh mussels when available, feature fish, and other changing protein options
Please advise your server of any allergies and diet restrictions! We are able to offer many gluten free GF dishes but not celiac friendly! For your convenience an 18% service charge will be added to groups of 8 or more.

Tempting Desserts

Sweet Afters

Crème Brule


Matcha five spiced served with cookie

Espresso Chocolate Cheesecake


Dark chocolate and espresso with berries

Spiced Apple Cake


Buttermilk toffee sauce and ice-cream

Lemon Meringue


Lemon curd, shortbread, berries and meringue

Perfect Pairings

Wine List

White Wine

Bubbly Gewürztraminer (bottle)


Try with seafood, salads and goat cheese

Magma White (bottle)


Try with - Salads, roast pork, chicken, mild spices and caramelized onion
6oz: $13 9oz: $17 .5L: $37

Pinot Gris (bottle)


Try with seafood, chicken, salads, pork and cream sauces
6oz: $14 9oz: $18 .5L: $29

Gewürztraminer (bottle)


Single Vineyard Gewürztraminer (bottle)


Try with spices, curries, fruits and desserts

Reserve Chardonnay (bottle)


Try with creamy sauces, shellfish, salmon and soft cheese

Viognier (bottle)


Try with seafood, Asian spices and chicken

Lava White (bottle)


Try with seafood, Asian spices and chicken
Red Wine

Rosé (bottle)


Try with seafood, BBQ pork, goat cheese and antipasto
6oz: $14 9oz: $16 .5L: $29

Gamay Noir (bottle)


Try with mild spices, chicken, roasted vegetables and olives
6oz: $14 9oz: $17 .5L: $29

Magma Red (bottle)


Try with pasta, BBQ meats, burger & cheese
6oz: $15 9oz: $19 .5L: $32

Merlot (bottle)


Try with grilled steak and roasted meats

Pinot Noir (bottle)


Try with salmon, lamb, duck and mushrooms

Lava (bottle)


Try with mild spices and cheeses

Cabernet Franc (bottle)


Try with lamb, duck grilled meats and game

Cabernet Sauvignon (bottle)


Try with grilled beef, steak, lamb and roasts

Eruption (bottle)


Try with grilled meats, lamb and braised dishes
Dessert Wine

Zweigelt Icewine (200 ml)


Try with milk chocolate, berries, fruit pies, soft cheeses and nuts

Chardonnay Icewine (200 ml)


Try with Brulé, lemon meringue and most cheeses
All prices excluding tax. Pricing and selection subject to change.
Craft beers, ciders, spirits and bar drinks also available.